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Nindeo is an innovative system that remotely livestreams public meetings and election processes. The combination of local Nindeo hardware and remote “video ninja” creates a seamless public meeting broadcast.

Nindeo livestreams your public processes nearly anywhere, including facebook, youtube, Granicus, IQM2 and your PEG cable channel. Simply install Nindeo in your chambers, connect your cameras and the internet, schedule your event, and we remote in and do the rest.  
Our Story

After two decades in television production and government broadcast, nindeo founders systematized production for government meetings and developed a hardware platform to remotely produce government meetings. After a year of testing through COVID-19 at various government agencies, we are now offering this system on a nationwide scale.

Our Vision

Our products and services are designed to help government agencies increase transparency with their citizens through professional broadcast of their public meetings, especially as in-person meetings move to hybrid and virtual meetings due to the public safety and social distancing guidelines enacted with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Nindeo Remote Broadcast All-in-One Systems use top of the line components for guaranteed uptime. What's better than having the technology is knowing the technology, and our remote broadcast producers are experts in remotely operating this hardware to help you achieve professional HD streaming and broadcast of your agency's meetings.


How it works

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Our hardware eliminates the need for complex A/V installations while our remote operators eliminate the need for dedicated staff hours. We configure and install your system and add annual packages for expert remote meeting operation. This solution saves taxpayer money and ensures quality production.

Public Meetings

In terms of television broadcast, Government meetings are complex. Multiple camera sources are mixed with video conferencing and A/V presentation sources along with graphics that show the current agenda item. Open captioning and picture-in-picture sign language can also be incorporated to increase your reach with all citizens. Let us take care of these details, so you can focus on the business of government communications. 

Election Livestreams

It's never been more important to create a transparent window into government processes for citizens. nindeo livestreams solve this problem by getting your processes out, into the open and distributed everywhere. The final destination of the program may be your PEG cable channel, granicus, youtube, facebook or other social media and broadcast platforms. The stream is also recorded digitally for archiving and future public records requests.

Remote Video Ninjas

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Many government agencies do not have a dedicated live video production expert on staff, either in communications or IT departments. The Nindeo / SoSu.TV solution solves this problem by giving you an expert who can produce a professional HD broadcast of your public meeting, without the costly expense of devoting internal resources to the meeting broadcasts. It takes expert knowledge in order to get the broadcast everywhere it needs to be. For that, you need a video ninja. Think of nindeo as a video ninja, in-a-box. 

Using a combination of hardware and software, our video ninjas remotely tap into to the nindeo system to run your meeting broadcast offsite... which gives you greater security and peace of mind. You simply upload your agenda and schedule your meeting and we'll do the rest. 

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